11 02, 2016

2016 Winter Newsletter

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Winter 2016       MEWS & NEWS Everything You Wanted to Know About Our Grooming But Were Afraid to Ask: Q&A with head groomer Esmeralda Alvarado What kinds of grooming are available? We offer a Spa day for cats. We can provide baths, medicated baths, comb outs, spot shaving, hygiene and sanitary shaves, and body shaves (down to the skin, boots/mane) when needed. If clients have specific grooming requests, they [...]

2 02, 2016

Spring 2017

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Spring 2017       MEWS & NEWS   The Latest and Greatest in Flea Control - Bravecto Trying to find your kitty and remembering to treat monthly for fleas can be challenging, but fortunately there is a new topical prduct, Bravecto, that is applied every three months. Less frequent treatment is less stressful to both you and your kitty. Proper flea treatment requires treating the environment and the cat for [...]

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