29 03, 2011

Queening and Kittens

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You have a pregnant queen and it is getting close to the time when the kittens will arrive.  What do you do?  It is best if you can arrange a quiet, comfortable spot for her to deliver and then start acclimating her to this site a week or so before the kittens are due.  Cats prefer to give birth in an area away from noise and human activity.  A large [...]

15 03, 2011

Pregnancy in Cats

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Cats are very efficient at reproducing and are able to have several litters a year with multiple kittens in each.  Most cats go through puberty at an early age—somewhere between five and nine months.  This is why it is so important to sterilize your cat at the time recommended by your veterinarian (typically 4-6 months of age).  Female cats can be fertile for about seven years, while males may be [...]

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