20 07, 2010

Asthma in Cats

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Smidget is an active and full figured 15 pound cat with asthma.  I received a phone call the other day from her owner, Mrs. Motley, who had moved to Connecticut.  She called to talk to me about the treatment options for managing Smidget’s asthma, because when it flares the cat gags, wheezes, and becomes lethargic.  Mrs. Motley faces two challenges with Smidget—safely managing asthma, and trying to get medication into [...]

2 07, 2010

The Cat Doc—Arthritis

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As our feline companions age, changes occur in their bodies that are similar to those that occur in aging people.  Cats don’t complain about their chronic aches and pains as do their human counterparts, but they do feel them.  Morning stiffness, a mild limp, or an inability to jump up to places easily reached in the past are all signs that degenerative joint disease, better known as osteoarthritis, exists. Arthritis [...]

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