28 04, 2010

Allergies to Cats

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Do you have friends or relatives that cannot come to your home for a visit because you own cats?  Do you own a cat despite recommendations from your doctor not to?  If the answer is yes to either of these questions, cat allergies are having an impact on your life. Most humans are allergic to a protein in cat saliva called Fel d 1.  This protein can also be found [...]

13 04, 2010

Why Cats Eat Things That They Shouldn’t

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We think that cats are picky and extremely discriminating.  How can it be that they would willingly swallow inanimate objects that can lodge in their intestines?  The answer to this question is a mystery.  It could be that their hunting and stalking behavior gets the best of them.  Cats like to chase and pounce on quick moving objects, and then ingest them as they would prey.  I have observed my [...]

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