12 04, 2011

Feral and Abandoned Kittens

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Newborn kittens are totally dependent upon their mother for survival.  She provides them with food, warmth, cleanliness, and helps them eliminate.  Humans can also provide these necessities, but not as well as a mother cat.  Newborn kittens can neither see nor hear, but they can smell, and they have sensory receptors on their faces that enable them to zero in on their mother’s body heat. If you find a newborn, [...]

10 04, 2011

Bladder Stones in Cats

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Mrs. Taylor was feeling very sorry for her cat, Jessica, because the cat seemed to be in discomfort when she tried to urinate.  As I examined Jessica and continued to speak to Mrs. Taylor, she revealed that Jessica had been urinating in a bathroom sink and the urine was bloody.  This was actually the second time that Jessica had been presented at my office for hematuria, blood in the urine.  [...]

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