22 02, 2010

What Should I Know About My Cat’s Mouth?

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Cats are considered to be a discriminating species.  They are picky in many aspects of their normal behaviors.  They choose whom to be friendly with and when they want to obey commands.  They are “finicky” because of their feeding behavior.  Does being finicky have to do with the taste of food, or is it merely a behavior designed to drive cat owners crazy? Cats are carnivores.  They are hunters and [...]

16 02, 2010

The Heartbreak of Acne

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You don’t have to have a teenage cat to be faced with clogged pores, blackheads, and pustules!  Feline acne is a fairly common problem that affects cats of all ages.  Owners often look at me incredulously when I diagnose their cat with this condition.  “My cat is too old to have acne!” or, “All he eats is cat food,” are typical owner replies.  Just as in most cases of human [...]

2 02, 2010

February is Pet Dental Health Month—Don’t Forget Your Cat’s Teeth!

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“Doctor, I don’t know what it is, but Tiny has the absolute worst breath I’ve ever smelled.  Do you think it could be his diet?”  Mrs. Schmidt placed her 6 year old, 18 pound cat “Tiny” on the exam table and I began to examine him.  Most cats don’t have the best smelling breath, but I could smell Tiny’s without even opening his mouth.  I always start my exams at [...]

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