29 07, 2009

New Weapons in Flea Wars

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Flea Control for Cats It’s the middle of the summer and those pesky fleas are out in full force. Even indoor only cats get fleas. Fleas can hitchhike on humans and come in through screens or open windows. Fleas can only live off of the blood of your cat or dog, so if you are getting flea bites, you have a big infestation with desperately hungry fleas in your home. [...]

7 07, 2009

Cats Deserve Equal Care and Consideration

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I am Dr. Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, a feline practice specialist here in Orange County, and I am excited about contributing regular information about cats to the OC Register. I plan to write about news, health, technology, and treatments for cats with help from the other veterinarians in my practice. I want to help cat fanatics and newer cat owners provide great care for their pets. Recent pet owner surveys show that [...]

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