21 04, 2015

Spring Mews and News

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Spring 2015       MEWS & NEWS New Clinical Trial Has Your Cat Been Losing Weight or Not Eating Well? The Cat Care Clinic is participating in a new clinical trial involving cats that have lost weight or have decreased appetites. We are looking to enroll patients in a one month study which involves application of a topical gel once daily to the inside of your cat’s ear. This mode [...]

16 04, 2015

Handling Community ‍Cats

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You may have never heard of “‍community ‍cats,” but you have probably seen these longtime Orange County residents, either in your own neighborhood or out and about in an alleyway or a city park, providing the county with free rodent control. Disneyland has over 200 ‍commun‍‍ity ‍cats, which it credits with keeping the park’s rats and mice at bay. Disneyland cares for its feline friends with a spay/neuter program and [...]

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