25 03, 2010

Lilies are a Hazard for Kitties

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Our feline friends love plants.  This natural attraction probably arose from their undomesticated days when their diets consisted of prey they hunted and plants they ingested—providing protein, fiber, and other nutrients.  I am sure every cat owner wishes that their pet had not chewed, pawed, or crawled into their houseplants or flower arrangements at some time.  I don’t have any live plants in my house, but my cats even insist [...]

2 03, 2010

Why Does My Cat Twitch and Bite at the Air?

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Timothy is a very large, five year old male tabby whose owner is concerned about a peculiar habit.  When she touches, pets, strokes, or even taps Timothy’s back, he begins to frantically lick himself.  The more he is touched, the more agitated he becomes and the licking behavior can progress to him biting at the air around him.  When you have a cat that exhibits this same behavior, at first [...]

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