18 01, 2012

New Diet for Hyperthyroid Cats

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition has just come out with a diet designed as a sole treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats. “Prescription Diet y/d” is a new alternative for controlling overactive thyroid disease in cats. The diet became available in early October. Hyperthyroid cats typically have a benign growth on one or both lobes of their thyroid gland, and the result is over production of thyroid hormone in their bodies. Thyroid hormone [...]

13 01, 2012

Cats With Cancer Can Still Conquer

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Shaka is my sweet but shy 14-year-old Somali cat. He has had a sensitive stomach since he was young, so I learned to live with his vomiting. His vomiting was actually regurgitation. He spit up barely digested food within 30 minutes of eating. During his life he has medical workups and been tried on different treatments and special diets, but he still vomits. He was always active, maintained his weight [...]

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