24 11, 2010

Smell—a Very Important Sense to Cats

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Just a whiff of tuna can jolt my cat, Shaka, from a sound sleep.  The aroma enters his nostrils and they begin to quiver.  The next thing I know, he is there to share my lunch.  Some cats get trained to the sound of can openers, but others, such as Shaka, use their keen sense of smell to alert them to important items such as the opening of a tuna [...]

9 11, 2010

Stomatitis / Gingivitis

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Asher is an 18 month old cat who as a kitten had bad gums.  During examination some time after he was adopted from a rescue group, I noticed significant inflammation of his gums, especially over his back teeth.  He was treated with antibiotics and with a dental cleaning in hopes of stopping the gingivitis from progressing further.  On rechecks I observed the gum disease moving deeper in his mouth.  I [...]

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