8 07, 2011

Your Cat’s Eyes Part 2

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Eyes are  very important sensory organs to a cat.  Being sure that your cat’s eyes are healthy should be a part of an annual comprehensive physical examination by your veterinarian.  I have diagnosed different diseases of the eyes and even blindness when cats have been brought in for routine visits, because owners often just don’t realize a problem exists. An examination of the eyes starts with inspection of the eyelids [...]

7 07, 2011

Feline Eyes and Vision

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Do you think that your cat sees you the way in which you see yourself? Why is a cat able to find and hunt insects and spiders in dim light? Do cats see colors? These are all questions that pertain to vision and the eyes of the cat. The sense of eyesight is very important to a cat. Kittens are born blind with sealed eyelids. This level of development is [...]

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