31 12, 2013

Registered Veterinary Technicians are Key to Good Care

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I love being a veterinarian, and I love the challenges and interactive experiences I have with patients, their owners and my support team. I really enjoy seeing team members gain experience in their positions and become super cat advocates and handlers. Veterinary nursing is a very important job in a clinic. In California, individuals can become registered veterinary technicians, with the ability to perform many high-level tasks. I love being [...]

3 12, 2013

For Some Veterinarians, It’s A Cat’s World

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“Cat’s only?” and “ How can that be?” are frequent questions I am asked when I meet people and tell them I am a veterinarian who only works on cats. Then I’m told, “I’ve never heard of such a thing before,” and “Your business can run without dogs?” Over 22 years ago, when I made the leap from dog-and-cat practitioner to felines only, the wave of veterinary specialization was just starting to [...]

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