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Spring 2015
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New Clinical Trial

cat with arthritisHas Your Cat Been Losing Weight or Not Eating Well?

The Cat Care Clinic is participating in a new clinical trial involving cats that have lost weight or have decreased appetites. We are looking to enroll patients in a one month study which involves application of a topical gel once daily to the inside of your cat’s ear. This mode of therapy avoids the stress of oral liquids or pills. All examinations and lab work will be covered by the trial. Eligible cats cannot currently be on any medications that boost appetite or decrease inflammation. Please give us a call at 714-282-2287 to see if your kitty is eligible for this great trial.

Dress to Reduce Stress! 

Now not only can your cat be well dressed, but kitty clothing works to calm your cat. We carry ThunderShirts. These garments utilize acupressure to help reduce anxiety, fear, and overexcitement issues. They have a similar effect to swaddling an infant and work in a variety of situations to help behavior.

cat stress
nadalElite Athlete’s Use the Same Therapeutic Laser Treatment That We Offer to Cats! 

In the training rooms of professional sports teams around the county, laser therapy helps athletes recover more quickly from inflammation caused by various injuries. The NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB are often on the leading edge of treatments for injury recovery. At The Cat Care Clinic we use the same K Laser unit that top tennis player Rafa Nadal carries with him tournament to tournament (see photo).

We utilize our K Laser to help treat infections, decrease inflammation, promote quicker wound healing, and to reduce pain with our patients. Laser therapy is included with most of our surgical and dental procedures, but it is also a great treatment for arthritis and spinal pain. Call us if you would like more information on using laser therapy for your cat.

New Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary

Launching from their successful weight loss diet, Prescription Diet® Metabolic, Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians developed Prescription Diet® Metabolic + Urinary Feline clinical nutrition. Metabolic + Urinary Feline reduces the most common urinary signs by 89% reduces body weight by 11% in 60 days when fed in proper portions. This product is based on nutrigenomics technology which uses foods to regulate gene expression. If you’ve been feeding c/d or another veterinary urinary diet and need to better regulate your cat’s weight, give it a try.

cat food
Keeping Kitty Fit

It’s spring and a great time to commit to getting your kitty into shape. The Cat Care Clinic wants to help you reach this goal.  Did you know that feline obesity predisposes cats to health problems such as asthma, early onset arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and urinary tract issues? One pound of extra weight on a cat is equivalent to 15-20 pounds of extra weight for a human!

What can you do to ensure your kitty is in tip-top shape? For starters, let’s talk about portion control.The Cat Care Clinic discourages the free feeding of dry food, as it is a leading contributor to obesity. Most average sized cats do well eating a quarter-cup of dry food twice daily for a total of a half-cup per day. Diets do range in their caloric content. This information is readily available on the Internet or on your bag of food. Look for something in the lower calorie range and try to avoid foods with greater than 350 kcal (calories) per cup.

It is ideal to integrate wet food into your cat’s diet. Canned diets more closely mimic a cat’s natural diet – their natural prey consist of 99% water – and contains significantly less calories than dry food while still satiating their voracious appetites. If you choose to feed a mixture of canned and dry food we recommend three ounces of wet food (the equivalent of one small can or half of a large can) and a quarter-cup of dry food. If you choose to feed only wet food the proper portions are three ounces twice daily.

Of course, just as it is with humans, it is not healthy to lose weight too quickly. Your kitty should not lose more than a half of a pound per month. We would be happy to create a more detailed diet plan for your specific cat’s needs and living environment—just let us know!.

Keeping Kitty Fit
Erika Flint recently passed her RVT exam.  Congratulations!
Erika Flint
The American Association of Feline Practitioners and the Certified Feline Practice Program are getting a much-deserved moment in the TV spotlight and were featured on an episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., that aired on The Discovery Channel (Click here for a sneak peek of the episode).
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