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Winter 2016
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Grooming Questions And Answers

Everything You Wanted to Know About Our Grooming But Were Afraid to Ask: Q&A with head groomer Esmeralda Alvarado

What kinds of grooming are available?
We offer a Spa day for cats. We can provide baths, medicated baths, comb outs, spot shaving, hygiene and sanitary shaves, and body shaves (down to the skin, boots/mane) when needed. If clients have specific grooming requests, they should ask to speak to a groomer to see what is possible.

Do all cats need to be professionally groomed?
No, many owners are able to provide the grooming care their cat needs, but many cats need more help. Certain breeds have high maintenance coats (long hair, greasy skin, heavy under coat, matting). Matting is also very uncomfortable for the cat. Senior kitties that are no longer able to care for themselves or cats that are unable to keep their bottoms clean larger, overweight cats) get special attention.

What is included with grooming?
We trim nails, express anal glands, and clean eyes and ears during grooming.

Tell us about yourself?
I have worked at The Cat Care Clinic for more than 9 years and have a lot of experience working with clients and their kitties. I take a lot of pride in my work and appreciate how each kitty is unique. We do our best to make them feel comfortable on their spa day.

Why does the clinic require an exam every 12 months for cats that we groom?
At The Cat Care Clinic, our goal is to keep all of our patients healthy and make sure that we know the health status of all cats in our care. A physical exam allows us to do this. Owners are encouraged to schedule the exam as an appointment and be present to discuss any concerns with a doctor, or drop off the cat for grooming and exam if more convenient. During examination we can see if there are health issues that could affect the grooming process, if there are any problems with the skin (including lumps, bumps, dermatitis), and if sedation is needed, which method is recommended for the particular cat.

During the summer months and holidays, getting an appointment to get your cat groomed at The Cat Care Clinic is a hot commodity. Don’t wait until your cat’s coat is a mess. This is the time of year to come in and get your cat groomed!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Now is a great time to “brush up” on your cat’s oral care. Many people don’t realize that their cat’s teeth need to be cleaned. Dental cleanings provide treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease and remove plaque and tartar. Teeth are probed and assessed with dental x-rays. Infected or broken teeth are extracted. We have diet and home care products to help keep your cat’s mouth healthy after cleaning.

With twenty six teeth as kittens and thirty as adult cats, that equates to a lot of dental care! Most cats over the age of three years have some grade of dental disease. We will assess your cat’s teeth during every full examination visit and let you know if cleaning or other treatment is needed.

Read more about dental care for cats >>

National Pet Dental Health Month
Dr Lan XiaoWelcome to Dr. Lan Xiao
We are excited to announce that Dr. Lan has joined The Cat Care Clinic team two days a week. As a huge cat lover, Dr. Lan is thrilled to be working with all of our kitties. Dr. Lan grew up in Southern California and obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology from UCLA. She later received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis in 2012. While in veterinary school, she spent her free time bottle feeding orphaned kittens and finding them new homes. Dr. Lan has been working in Small Animal Companion Medicine since graduation, but she has always harbored a special love for feline medicine. When not at work, Dr. Lan enjoys movies, books, music, various craft projects, and spoiling her kitties. She looks forward to working with our clients and their beloved felines.
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