28 04, 2014

Who Cares For Your Pets When You Die? Part 2

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This two part article has been updated HERE Our pets count on us for their care, so if we are not around to provide for them, we should have plans in place for someone else to do so. Last month, I wrote about the benefits of setting up a formal pet trust, and now I would like to offer more information about financial considerations and care providers. We’d all like to think we can [...]

31 03, 2014

Who Cares For Your Pets When You Die?

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This two part article has been updated HERE We all love our pets and want them to be loved and cared for, but what if your pets outlive you? Can you truly count on someone to take them in or make good decisions about care? I have thought about pet estate planning quite a bit over the past couple of months. It started during an office visit I had with a wonderful client who told [...]

24 02, 2014

New Cat Treatment More Easily Scratches Some Itches

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Safari’s owner felt frustrated. Her young, healthy cat was constantly scratching her neck and causing some very ugly sores. A variety of conditions make cats itchy, so we performed several tests to rule out infectious causes such as skin parasites, fungal infections and bacteria. Our testing results failed to find any infectious cause for her skin condition. The other cat in the household was not having any problems. Diagnosing allergies is most [...]

27 01, 2014

Don’t Let Your Kitten Train You

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Gypsy is a cute, 4-month old kitten who is rambunctious and loves to play. She eats well and uses her litter problems. She is a normal kitten in almost every way, but she has a bad habit. She likes to bite. Her owners have been working with her, but she is a stubborn little girl. Hunting and stalking are normal cat behaviors, and often kittens need to be trained to stop [...]

31 12, 2013

Registered Veterinary Technicians are Key to Good Care

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I love being a veterinarian, and I love the challenges and interactive experiences I have with patients, their owners and my support team. I really enjoy seeing team members gain experience in their positions and become super cat advocates and handlers. Veterinary nursing is a very important job in a clinic. In California, individuals can become registered veterinary technicians, with the ability to perform many high-level tasks. I love being [...]

3 12, 2013

For Some Veterinarians, It’s A Cat’s World

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“Cat’s only?” and “ How can that be?” are frequent questions I am asked when I meet people and tell them I am a veterinarian who only works on cats. Then I’m told, “I’ve never heard of such a thing before,” and “Your business can run without dogs?” Over 22 years ago, when I made the leap from dog-and-cat practitioner to felines only, the wave of veterinary specialization was just starting to [...]

28 10, 2013

What’s the Secret to a Cats’ Longevity?

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Edie is a 20-year-old Siamese mix who loudly demands fresh fish a few times a week from her owners, Gayle and Gregory. Although she is thin and has lost most of her muscle mass, she is trucking along at what would be the human equivalent of 96 years of age. Edie was adopted by Gayle and Gregory after she had been abandoned in a box as a young kitten, and [...]

27 10, 2013

How to Help A Picky Eater Regain Appetite

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My cat, Shaka, has been having some recent ups and downs with his lymphoma remission. Over the past year or so I have been working to solve his “picky eater” issue and have previously written about this and how I had to succumb to lower quality cat foods to keep him interested in eating. Over the past year, I have been through about 20 different types of canned and dry [...]

19 08, 2013

Risk of Heartworm Infection in Cats is Low in Orange County

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It’s summer, and it’s hot. Bugs are in their high season. We see lots of fleas and intestinal worms that bother our cats this time of year, but what about another parasite called heartworm? Is this something cat owners should be concerned about in Orange County? The official name of the heartworm is Dirofilaria immitis, and it is found throughout the world. Infection with heartworms occurs when a cat or [...]

15 07, 2013

Veterinary Specialists in Orange County

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If you are an Orange County pet owner, you don’t know how lucky you are. Orange County is a great place to be a pet. I’ve always felt this was a fabulous place to practice veterinary medicine. One of the reasons is the tremendous number of available veterinary resources and high standards of care. In contrast to our human medical counterparts, veterinarians in general practice deal with a wide variety [...]

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