16 01, 2020

Which type of diet is best for my cat, canned or dry?

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Both! For most cats, the doctors will recommend feeding a combo of canned and dry foods daily. Canned food is usually higher in protein and water content, which is beneficial to cats. Dry food offers convenience but also can help decrease tartar buildup—especially when a dental formula is fed.

16 01, 2020

What portions should I be feeding my cat? Should I just follow the feeding instructions on the bag of food?

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The feeding instructions listed on food bags are a guideline but may not fit your cat’s body condition and activity level. Generally, the feeding instructions on food bags are more than your cat needs to be fit. Most adult, indoor cats can only eat ½ a cup of dry food per day or, if feeding a combination of canned and dry, 3-ounces of canned and ¼ cup of dry per [...]

16 01, 2020

What diet is recommended for my cat?

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Each cat has unique needs for nutrition based on lifestyle, activity level, health, and age. Nutrition plays a crucial role in lifelong health. The doctors at The Cat Care Clinic would love to discuss your cat’s specific nutritional needs and diet at each visit. There are many good diets for cats, but we generally recommend Hill’s, Royal Canin, and Purina Pro Plan products due to their superior attention to ingredient [...]

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