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The Cat Care Clinic utilizes a wide range of advanced technology to provide service to you and your cats. Here are a few examples:

This diagnostic tool complements radiography (x-rays) and allows us to look at organs in different ways.

We have a comprehensive in-house laboratory and believe that the earlier we can catch an illness, the better the chance that your cat will fully recover. Our in-house lab allows us to get quick results for emergencies, surgical patients and outpatients, and to monitor hospitalized patients. We send more advanced testing to our outside reference laboratories and have three daily pickups for samples.

Sound waves are the basis of this technology. With ultrasound we can look at the soft tissue structures within the abdomen and evaluate the movement and function of the heart in real time (echocardiography).

Laser Therapy
We have a class IV therapeutic K-Laser. Laser therapy gives us additional options for treating inflammatory conditions and providing pain relief. Our laser promotes wound healing and tissue repair, kills infectious organisms, and improves circulation. There are numerous applications for laser therapy including treating arthritis, nerve pain, stomatitis, sinusitis, cystitis, and fractures.

Multi-Function Patient Monitoring During Anesthesia
We use several different types of monitoring devices during surgical procedures. Parameters that are monitored include blood pressure, core body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, cardiac electrical activity (ECG), and oxygenation of blood (pulse oximetry).

Paperless Medical Records with VIA
Veterinary Information Assistant is the name of our paperless medical record system.  VIA allows us to offer the finest in veterinary medical care including importation or lab records and other documents.