Cat Veterinary Services for Cats



 Senior Care for your Cat


We encourage a positive preventive and proactive approach to health care. Early identification of health problems almost always results in better outcomes. We firmly believe that you must define the problem before you can treat it effectively.

Our facility offers comprehensive medical diagnostic testing and treatment options. This includes diagnosis and treatment of arthritis, cancer, inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, heart disease, hormonal disorders, metabolic disorders, kidney and other urinary tract problems, and other chronic debilitating diseases associated with aging. We also have a large network of specialists that we utilize for consultation or referral.

Your Cat's Yearly Exam
Your cat's annual trip to the vet isn't just about vaccines. In fact, we no longer vaccinate every cat every year. The annual exam is a visit to the internist, dentist, dermatologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, and allergist rolled into one. The doctor will examine your cat from the tip of his or her nose to the end of the tail. We will educate you about care including behavior, grooming and nutrition. We encourage you to come in with a list of questions, because we want to answer all of your concerns.