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We believe that one of the most important aspects of feline health is attention to dental care. Dental disease is the most common problem we see in our daily practice. Poor oral health leads to bad breath, infections, heart disease, and chronic pain.

To maintain dental health, we carry a variety of home dental care products, including food and treats that help prevent tartar buildup and gingivitis, dental wipes, rinses, and toothpaste.  Most dental disease is present below the gum line, and professional care under anesthesia is required to reach these areas.

Young animals with healthy teeth and a mild tartar buildup may only need a routine dental cleaning.  Those with more disease require dental x-rays to properly assess the teeth.  We have a digital dental x-ray system that allows us to view films immediately, and therefore, shorten your cat’s time under anesthesia. 

A clean and healthy mouth can enhance and lengthen the life of your cat. Studies show that 70% of all cats over the age of three have dental disease.

There are many important steps to a complete dentistry. During a full dental procedure:

  • Your cat’s mouth is examined
  • X-rays of the teeth are taken and reviewed
  • Each tooth is probed
  • Problem teeth are identified
  • Antibiotics and pain relievers are administered if needed
  • Teeth are hand and ultrasonically scaled
  • Diseased teeth are extracted
  • Periodontal pockets may be filled with a special antibiotic paste
  • The mouth is flushed with an antiseptic
  • The teeth are polished
  • A sealer is applied to the teeth

Dental procedures are performed by our veterinarians working with the Registered Veterinary Technicians.

If more advanced dental procedures are needed, we will refer you to a board certified veterinary dentist.