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The Cat Care Clinic offers facilities to care for your cat when you are away from home or if you are unable to administer medication.

Our goal is to make each pet feel at home and to become a happy member of our family during their stay.

Making Arrangements

  • Call us at (714) 282-2287 to secure accommodations for your cat on your needed dates.
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Our Facility

  • General Appearance - Our cages are clean, sanitary, and odor free. We supply soft, clean cushions or towels for your cat's comfort. Bedding and cages are cleaned at least twice daily.
  • Security - Our cages do not allow any contact between separated cats.
  • Safety - Our cages are free of sharp objects, harmful chemicals, and objects that your cat might swallow.
  • Supervision - Proper supervision is the key to a happy and healthy stay. Staff members monitor each cat individually at least twice daily and mark a cage monitoring card. If your cat is not eating, drinking, or eliminating properly, a veterinarian will take a look and decide on the best treatment option.

Health Care

  • Water - Each cat is provided fresh water twice daily or more if needed.
  • Food - Each cat is fed twice daily. We supply a dry premium diet with boarding, but we encourage owners to bring their cat's regular diet and we will feed it to your pet. Cats that do not eat during boarding may be hand fed and given appetite stimulants.
  • Vaccination - Each adult cat staying in our facility must have received the FRCP vaccination (feline rhinotracheitis-calici-panleukopenia) within the last three years. If proof cannot be provided, we will require vaccination. Kittens and adult cats less than 18 months of age have different vaccination requirements.
  • Medication - If your cat needs medication, feel confident that their medication will be given properly. We request that you bring your cat's medications along for boarding. If your cat is on medications that we have not prescribed and/or we are not the doctors managing his/her known health condition, we are unable to board your cat.
  • Medical Care - Any cat that becomes ill during boarding is examined by one of our veterinarians. In case of illness, we will contact you using the emergency information provided when you pet is checked in upon arrival.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for your cat. Our feelings will not be hurt when your cat is happy to see you when you pick him or her up.